The last couple weeks & months have been heartbreaking for everyone all over the world with the continuous Police Brutality & Systematic Racism predominantly displayed in the United States against the Black Community. With the recent deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, George Floyd and many more to name, there has been an outrage of cries and riots across the globe in support of “Black Lives Matter” and WE ARE HERE FOR IT & WE FULLY SUPPORT ALL DEMONSTRATIONS TO ERADICATE THE INJUSTICE that lives within our society today !!!

We can no longer continue to sit around and hope for a change to come. We need to be activists and more vocal about the change we want to see.

As a black  female owner & a woman who has a black father, husband, son, brothers & friends it is very important to me that we don’t loose the message for the Black Lives Matter movement

As well as our male brothers lives being mercilessly taken our sister, daughters, mothers have been too. Breonna Taylor a EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) was killed 2 months ago when she was fatally shot by police officers who had stormed into her house to look for a suspect that was already in custody. No current convictions for her killing have been made. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !

We can no longer allow for the police or for anyone to kill a black person with no arrests or convictions made ! 

Seen or unseen we must bring convictions against those that hurt us and we can only do this by all of us raising our voices.


With the blatant oppression in the community it identified the systematic racism that exists within businesses and how unfairly under represented black people are at all levels in business. We wondered why there is such a huge lack in opportunity whilst other communities have benefitted and profited off of Black Culture. This goes from everything from music to beauty & fashion.

As a black owned business we wondered why do we give away so much of our funds & support to all these businesses when they do not credit or support us like our white counterparts. 

We now understand that this needs to change by first of all call outing all these businesses and forcing them to include us like they should have done from the very beginning and then to create wealth within the community by BUYING BLACK ! YES !!! supporting our BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES.


We teamed up with a couple black owned businesses to give our views on what we think is necessary for change in the Beauty Community, especially for Beauty Brands in the UK. Please watch our short video below & please comment and leave your thoughts and opinions.


The below link is a link to all current places to donate from our victims of police brutality to organisations and businesses in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will add links for anything we think  will be in support of our Black Community.


  1. This was so important to talk about. Smaller Black Businesses are overlooked. will definately try to by BLACK more in the future

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