Hottest MUAS | @Paintedbycocoa

In todays society there is an abundance of everything when it comes to beauty & cosmetics.

Everyday we are trying to find out whats NEW & whats HOTT !

We recently had the chance to collaborate with up and coming MUA and artist PaintedbyCocoa on her beauty photoshoot, “All things Colour”.  Our photographer and editors for the day were @MCMLONDON (on Instagram) who are the hottest London duo around right now. As an added bonus we also got to work with established and popping hair company @HikkysHair (on Instagram) !!!

Model: @rlanc

By far this was one of our favourite shoots to date and we honestly just loved the vibe and energy and it was honestly such a pleasure to work with so many creatives and beautiful people on the day !

PaintedbyCocoa’s theme “All Things Colour” was about being able to demonstrate that women of colour do not need to be restricted by the colours they use when it comes to makeup. It was a celebration for all our melanials

Model: @remee_x0

PaintedbyCocoa’s use of colour combinations, tone and definition is definitely a skill many find hard to master. Bold yet complimentary we were in total awe of the final looks on the day.


Model: @deewlth

PaintedbyCocoa has already gone on to do professional editorial shots  and is always on location for personal bookings and has done shoots across the globe from London to Lagos ! She is definately a Makeup Artist to watch out for 2017/18 !


Model: @sofiakalorizos

Each Model used the MIXNBLEND MINK Eyelash Range to enhance their looks on the day ! So click the link in our bio to shop their looks

Checkout our short video for the day for the “All things colour”


MUA: @paintedbycocoa

Hair: @Hikkyshair

Photographer: @MCMLONDON

Models: @rlanc, @deewlth, @remee_x0, @sofiakalorizos









MODD ! or should we say MOOD !

We listened to feedback from our customers and beauty experts in the industry. We noted that the beauties and makeup lovers wanted an eyeshadow palette that was more compact and that we needed key colours compatible for transition and blending colours.



We came with new packaging and 9 new 26mm eyeshadow colours that are more pigmented than ever !

We were so pleased with how vivid the colours came out and feel that we have created the perfect palette for creating quick, easy and beautiful eye looks. Whether it be day time or evening !


We honestly believe you will love them like we do and we can’t wait to create our next array of colours !

We will be doing single eyeshadow pans for artists and makeup lovers that like to use z palettes and like to create their own eyeshadow palettes. So keep posted on our blog for future updates xoxo



Whats New | ‘GIMME THAT’ Highlighter Palette


Finally !!! Is the first words that come to mind about our new Highlighter Palette.

I know a lot of people had been waiting for us to bring out our new Highlighter Palette  !!! I mean we were waiting just as long for it as well ! After our revamp of our company branding, we really wanted to make our products totally special and really on trend with what is out in the market today !

The new ‘GIMME THAT’ highlighter palette is all about giving you that glow, giving you that shine.

We had been working with our manufacturers since November of last year when we were researching the different pigments and powders that would work well on all women of colour. Whats special is that you don’t have just 1 but six colours to choose from ! The colours can be applied wet or dry and is buildable ! Its cruelty free, vegan and perfect for the eyes, body and face. The highlighter really is an all rounder !!

As an indie brand going against the most renowned companies for highlighters was tough. So when Anastasia Beverly Hills dropped their collab limited edition highlighter palette with Nicole Guerriero in February (RRP £39/$40), we were nervous about putting our palette out because the colours and style were so similar. However we think that this is an amazing dupe against their palette and our prices are only a fraction of theirs (RRP £14.99/$17) So this is affordable for people starting off with makeup and looking for a great alternative.

We are waiting for our order of the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero so we can do comparison swatches for those that want to see that.

This is a total bargain purchase and we honestly know that your going to love it !

Click the link to SHOP NOW !!! ‘Gimme That’ Highlighter