MNB PRO 9 Collection


MNB 8100 Large Fan Brush
MNB 8103 Powder Brush
MNB 8105 Blush Brush
MNB 8108 Angled Contour Brush
MNB 8110 Blush Brush
MNB 8111 Angled Blush Brush
MNB 8113 Flat Contour Brush
MNB 8115 Foundation Brush

***OUR NEW MNB8104 Blush Brush**** is now included

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Our highly popular PRO brushes are now being sold as a set. Get the PRO Brushes your celebrity makeup artists are using today ! The Brush collection is worth £80.00 so why not save yourself some money by buying it as a set.

Click the links to watch your celebrity MUAs show you how to use our brushes




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